We develop high performance trading technology for the future.

Innovations that are being utilized by market operators and brokers in two of Asia Pacific's largest financial hubs.
Our Value

Innovative technology

Enabling a comprehensive exchange solution, including a matching engine, latency portal, smart order routing, risk checks, and market data.

High performance

Systems showcasing low latency and high throughput, best-in-class performance and resiliency, industry-leading availability, and cost-efficient deep monitoring capacity.

Reliable scalability

Utilizing technology that can be developed, deployed, operated, maintained, and supported significantly faster and at a more cost-effective rate than competitors, enabling rapid expansion into new markets.

Our Market Technology Capabilities

Cboe utilizes industry-standard, low latency protocols to interface with other exchanges, EMS systems, customer proprietary systems, and regulators.

Supports continuous and crossing trading models, lit and dark markets, advanced order types, and trade reporting – all via connectivity protocols that minimize technical workload and enable cost-effective client migration.

Enables custom order routing strategies and connections to multiple trading venues.

Offers high-quality market data, low latency data dissemination, reference data systems, and proprietary feed handlers to support trading operations and routing services.

Offers pre-trade risk checks, including credit limits, as well as market monitoring and surveillance tools, such as volatility guards and a kill switch.